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About us

The Diocese of Rumonge is one of the seven Anglican dioceses forming the Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi. Its administrative localities cover a portion of Bururi Province (part of Mugamba Commune), the Province of Rumonge minus a part of Buyengero Commune and a part of Bujumbura Province (Mukike Commune and a part of Mutambu Commune). The headquarters of the Diocese of Rumonge is in the city of the Commune of Rumonge, at Birimba, Rumonge-Buyengero avenue, P.O. Box 14 Rumonge-Burundi, E-mail: rumdiocanglican@yahoo.com. The Diocese is structured as follows: At the head there is a Diocesan Synod, and then a Diocesan Council, an Executive Committee, a Parish Council and a Congregationnal Council. All the activities of the Diocese are overseen by the Bishop, who is at the same time the Legal Representative of the Diocese.

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