Vision and Mission


“A World transformed by the Word of God in which peoples enjoy integral development.” The Diocese, as well as the whole Anglican Church of Burundi, shares the five Marks of Mission with the Anglican Communion:

  1. a) Proclaim and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
  2. b) Teach, baptize, and encourage its new believers;
  3. c) Support human by a service of love;
  4. d) Transform the unjust society, structures;
  5. e) Try to preserve the integrity of creation and maintain and renew the life of the Earth.


The reason to be of the Anglican Church of Burundi is “To proclaim and share the Good News, strengthening communities and advocate for justice with the aim of contributing to the complete development of all creation.” The Diocese of Rumonge is convinced that “With our Lord Jesus Christ, yes we can.”

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