Health, Fight Against AIDS and Poverty

The Fight Against AIDS and Poverty is a global problem whose magnitude is increasing from day to day. The Diocese of Rumonge remains convinced that hard work, collaboration and independence of every Christian in its activities is an essence of self development. In several meetings as well as via the Development Department, the Diocese of Rumonge found that promotion of participatory development to combat poverty should be prioritized.

There are strong links between evangelization and human wellbeing promotion. A human being to be evangelized is not an abstract being but rather a subject to social and economic issues. It is such person who should work hard to formulate a kind of desired future life. The future life condition is not something that will naturaly happen or something falling down like the manna from the sky. Future life depends on what each human being does by and for himself or herself. In Deuteronomy 28:1-6, we are reminded that God blesses the work of our hands, Vision and Mission when we obey Him faithfully. The Vision of the Diocese of Rumonge in the Fight Against Poverty is that of “the advent of a society, economically viable and where basic needs are provided for all the world.”

The Mission assigned to this sector is “to promote, through reflection and action, the socio – economic development of the human person according to the social doctrine of the Church.”


The overall objective to which the sector will make a contribution is to ensure “poverty reduction and human promotion of the poor are guaranteed in a sustainable manner.

More specifically, this goal will be realized through the specific objective assigned to the sector, namely: “the economic growth of the poor and the solidarity of the population are improved.”

We believe that the work of God in human beings should reflect both spirital and physical wellbeing. The Diocesan perspective in relation to evangelization cerresponds to the global slogan in the Anglican Communion especially in the 15th Lambeth Conference of 2022 which states that “God’s Church for God’s People”. The slogan describes that in the conduct of disseminating the Word of God the Church should put into consideration that people need other services in addition to a messge of the Gospel. Our trust is that God shall be with us in implementing our projeeects for His glory.


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