Archdeaconries and Parishes

The Anglican Diocese of Rumonge was created very recently (August 4, 2013). A given name of its Cathedral is ‘Cathédrale Kristo Umwami’ located in Mugomere area, Rumonge town. The name of Cathedral is derived from French and Kirundi languages. A term ‘Cathédrale’ is in French language to mean “Cathedral”, ‘Kristo’ is both Kirundi and Swahili languages that means “Christ” and a word ‘Umwami’ is in Kirundi language that means “a King”. The Diocese believes that there is no person capable to serve God approprietly by depending on personal abilities whether physically, intellectually or materially except through strength granted by Christ. It has a significant number of believers who have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ as their LORD and Saviour.

According to Diocesan statistics for the year 2013, the Diocese qualifies to be an organised institution. Some of indicators that prove Diocesan institutional character include:

  • Number of Bishops:  1
  • Number of parishes: 53
  • Number of archdeaconries: 12 and the Cathedral of Rumonge
  • Total number of Pastors: 100
  • Total number of the Archdeacons: 12 and the Dean of the Cathedral
  • Total number of sub parishes: 202
  • Number of Catechists: 401
  • Number of departments: 6
  • Number of support services: 2
  • Number of primary schools: 44
  • Number of secondary schools: 12
  • Number of health centers: 2

The Anglican Diocese of Rumonge has an institutional framework structure which guides certainty in accomplishing its mission. The top-bottom hierarchy of Diocesan structure has a Diocesan Synod, a Diocesan Council, an Executive Committee, departments and other support services. All these organs are overseen by the Bishop of the Diocese, who is at the same time, the Diocesan Legal Representative.

In pursuing its evangelical mission, the Diocese of Rumonge stood firm since its foundation. It conducts evangelization in several ways including by its pronounced social commitment and involvement in country development activities. The Diocese works to contribute in improvement of property acquisition and management in socio-economic life aspects in a community. Since 2013, the Diocese has established other schools, parishes, health centers, clinic and hospital for the interest of the entire popultion.

Currently, activities of the Diocese of Rumonge are realized through key areas such as evangelism, health, education (formal and informal), development focused on the fight against poverty and self support of the Diocese of Rumonge in all its aspects, justice and peace, fight against Sexual and Gender Based Violance, promoting the family through Mothers’ Union, etc.

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