Mothers’ Union

The Diocese of Rumonge remains convinced that the framework of families is a springboard for development in all its aspects and it is for this that the women’s movement, Mothers’ Union is therefore an actor privileged within the Anglican Church of Burundi and the Burundian society. The Word of God has a real spiritual impact on the life of the society. The woman as the pillar of society is called to be an agent of spiritual and socio-economic change.

1. Vision and mission

The Vision of the Anglican Church of Burundi in the family is “the family as a divine institution, is the basis of all human development and constitutes a community of life and love-based marriage.” From this vision, the Mission assigned to this sector via the movement of Christian women in the Anglican Church “Mothers’ Union” is:”to evangelize the family so that it can form a serene community, participate in the life and mission of the Church as well as in its own development and of the society in general.”

2. Objectives

In the context of the mission defined above, the overall objective to which the sector of the family through Mothers’ Union will contribute is formulated as follows: “the family is the basis of all development and is the basis of society and the Church.” Specifically, the contribution to this overall objective will be pursued through specific objective during the time being of the Diocese, namely: “the Christian family through Mothers’ Union positively radiates in the profound changes of the society.”

The current MU Coordinator: Mrs. Donathe Nyabenda

Contact P.O.Box 14 Rumonge-Burundi

Telephone: watsapp +254 758 955291

Assisted by Mrs Josephine BAYUBAHE

P.O.Box 14 Rumonge-Burundi

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