Sector of Justice and Peace

The Diocese of Rumonge proclaims justice and peace in several ways. Through sports, teachng the youths and seminars based on the Word of God; the Diocese has been awakening the communty to observe peace and justice. This Diocesan commitment to peace and justice is intending to strengthen peaceful coexistence among its followers as well as to promote peceeful relationship in the community.

Anything that concerns the community of human beings, situations and issues related to justice, freedom, development, relations between peoples and peace; are not strange. The Diocese has played a significant role in community love, unity, development and other spheres of life. It bears in mind a consideration that those activities mentioned above form part of an actual meaning of true Evangelism. The Sector of Justice and Peace corresponds to Diocesan commitment; and hence, it falls within the concerns of the Diocese of Rumonge.

Vision and Mission

The Vision of the Diocese of Rumonge through its Sector of Justice and Peace is that of structuring “a society where peace, social justice, respect for human rights and democratic principles prevail”.

For the purposes of contributing to this Vision, the Mission given to the Sector of Justice and Peace is to “promote Pastoral care on the values of justice, peace, unity, reconciliation and defense of the inalienable rights of the human person, in light of the Gospel.”


The general objective of the Sector of Justice and Peace is to ensure the national situation that: “the Burundian people enjoy their freedom and national unity is guaranteed.”

Realisation of the general objective above will symerically be connected to the specific objective that is: “respect of human dignity and social relations among the population are enhanced.”

This Sector works in all Sectors and Deprtments of the Diocese for its generality in nature.

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