The Diocesan Council Conference of 2024

The Diocese of Rumonge prepared a DC Conference which has been organised once in the year.  The Conference intends to assess Diocesan performance in several activities, roles and to analyse the working context throughout the year. It was in the 9th January 2024 when the Diocesan Council was conducted at the Cathédrale Kristo Umwami in Rumonge Province.

The sermon was preached by the Revd. Canon Emmanuel NDIKUMAZAMBO from the Book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-11. The preacher emphasised that whatsoever activity a person can do, we become tired. Whether proclaiming the Word of God or any daily development work, tiredness is inevitable. He turned attention to the Conference participants and courageously held that The LORD created several paths in life of each human being. The Revd. Canon unfolded that the eras keep on replacing each other and this situation brings a person in another episode of life experience. He added that, a son of man shall not only stay in painful situations but also God shall provide a joyful and exciting life time experience. God is faithful and He cannot forget His servants who have committed themselves to serve Him, the preacher encouraged the congregation to retain and improve their thirst of serving God.

During the opening speech, the Bishop of Rumonge Diocese (The Rt. Rev. Pédaҫuli BIRAKENGANA) exposed the most Happy New Year 2024 best wishes to the Conference participants. Then, he humbly portrayed his condolence greetings and consolation to some Conference participants who had lost their beloved ones and comforting the Conference participants that regardless we sometime pass through difficult moments of losing our fellow workers, spouses, friends and others it is very valuable to remain with a character of strong faith in Jesus Christ and that eventually our loving God shall reveal His strength against all such problems.

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