The Seventh Synod of Rumonge Diocese of 10th January 2024

The procedural and substantive regularity of Rumonge Diocese has been predominant since its inauguration in the 4th August 2023. The Diocese observes its certainty over all responsibilities as the Bride of Jesus Christ through reflecting all activities accomplished after a determined period. The Synod Conferences have been conducted for the purposes of ensuring the Church is Episcopally led and Synodically governed. This Anglican perspective as adopted by the Diocese shall enable all Rumonge Diocese participants to share the Syn and od, which respectively stand for “one way” and “one objective” in serving the Living God for His Church.

The Synod was conducted during the 10th January 2024 at the Cathédrale Kristo Umwami according to the Catholic Church of England (the Anglican Church) Common Principles into its mode and participation. The Conference focused on overviewing the Diocesan activities done during the last two years (2022 and 2023) as well as approving several matters including the initiation of new parishes among of other things.

The Conference started by a worship and prayer whereas The Rt. Rev. Pédaҫuli BIRAKENGANA called for all participants to be assured of their salvation, believe in the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross and to receive Jesus Christ to be their King and Saviour of their lives. In the Bishop’s Conference opening speech, he remarkably articulated that the blessed is the one who testifies the witness that Jesus is the King and Saviour of his life through behaviour, good works and life as stated in the Gospel according to Matthew 5:1-12 and in the 1Peter 3:13-16.

His closing statement included the best wishes to all participants in the 2024 year to be the most blessed year for themselves, their families and their belongings. The Bishop blessed entire congregation with both Spiritual and physical blessings. He invited the Conference attendees to participate fully and express their ideas to their maximum in turn the future generation would recommend that surely these people were committed servants of God.

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