The Organization ‘Bonne Santé pour Tous (B.S.T)’ Distributed a Donation of Medicines and Personal Protective Equipments; a Donation offered by the World Vision Burundi

In 27th September 2022, at the Amahoro Birimba Hospital, the organization ‘Bonne Santé pour Tous (B.S.T)’ distributed a donation of medicines and personal protective equipments whereas the donation was offered by the World Vision Burundi. The health facilities working in the Health Province of Rumonge benefited from this donation under an agreement between the Ministry of Health and the Religious denominations to support their commendable efforts in the protection and promotion of good health to all citizens. Paticulary, promotion of good health of children under 5 years old and pregnant women in a society. The presence of a delegate from World Vision Burundi, a representative of the Director of the Prince Sanitaire of Rumonge as well as His Excellency Bishop of the Diocese of Rumonge and Legal Representative of B.S.T facilitated the event.

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