The Executive Council Conference of the Diocese of Rumonge in January 24, 2023

There have been an Executive Council Conference of the Diocese on this Tuesday of January 24 2023 conducted by a Bishop of Rumonge Diocese. The Conference was opened by prayer as well as singing a Kirundi Hymn song number 200, Umwami Yasomboroje. The Dean of Cathedral preached on the book of Revelation 21:15-20 as part of Conference opening session.

He reminded Conference attendants that we live in the world but our desired destination is to live in the Heavenly Kingdom. He made a positive comparison between book of Revelation and Kirundi Hymn song number 200 by describing the manner in which Heavenly Kingdom wall was built by precious stones from its foundation:

The first foundation was jasper. The name jasper means pains. These stones imply the suffering of Christ and His Apostles in building the Kingdom of God; also, Christians should be faithful in building the Kingdom of Heaven regardless of having trouble in serving God. The second foundation was sapphire, which implies truth and authority; that we need to trust in God in truth because He would eventually give us authority in serving Him. The third foundation was chalcedony, which means holiness; that we are called to live a holy life because our God is holy. The fourth foundation was an emerald, which means faith and hope; it means that Christians should focus our faith in the hope of living together with our God eternally. The fifth foundation was sardonyx, which stands for kindness as a requirement of Christian life. The sixth foundation was sardius, which implies love; every Christian is obliged to love God as well as all people including those hating him. The seventh foundation was chrysolite, which connotes sanctification; it means after becoming a Christian, God purifies our hearts and make us part of His flock. The eighth foundation was beryl, which means happiness; it invites believers to live happily in the Lord as they wait for everlasting happiness. The ninth foundation was called topaz, which stands for righteousness; it is an invitation to all Christians as well as Church leaders to make right decisions. The tenth foundation was chrysoprasus, to mean glorification; this brings us an assurance of been glorified with Jesus Christ who died for us. The eleventh foundation was jacinth, denoting an assurance of sanctification. The twelfth foundation was an amethyst, which expresses the great and trustworthy hope of inheriting the New Jerusalem.

The preacher put an emphasis that even though servants of God face several difficulties, we should be courageous, building the Heavenly Kingdom shall lead to our glorification with Christ.

The Bishop of Rumonge Diocese emphasized that as the passengers on this Earth we should learn from St. Steven who was faithful to his faith in Jesus Christ. St. Steven retained his perseverance in torture as he focused his mind and spirit to God who commissioned him. The Bishop invited Conference participants to live the Word of God because it strengthens us, Ijambo ryʼImana ritusubizamwʼ intege uko bukeye uko bwije. The Bishop wished participants the Happy New Year 2023 to be full of happiness, joy, blessings and good heath so that they would serve God until to achieve glorification rather than losing the eternal life with God.

The Conference was conducted for evaluation of activities done in the fourth quarter of the year 2022 and to get prepared for the activities of the first quarter in the year 2023. The conference involved the reports of Diocesan Secretariat, Diocesan Departments, Archdeaconries and all Diocesan Services.

The Bishop closed the Conference by prayer and blessing participants as long as reminding them serve God faithfully in the strong faith and God shall be their light in serving Him.

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