DIOCESAN COUNCIL: On the 24th and 25th January 2017

Led by the Rt. Rev. Pedaculi BIRAKENGANA, Bishop of the Diocese of Rumonge, the diocesan Executive and diocesan Council had been held respectively on the 24th and 25th January 2017. The reports showed that the Diocese is progressing well.The meeting encouraged all the participants to continue with zeal.


The Diocese is extending Birimba health centre one of its two health centres: Birimba and Bitare. In his program of extending them into clunics, a maternity ward is being built since January 2017.

Other two new health centres are being built at MUBIRA and CEWE Archdeaconaries.


* In dedication for promoting family life and marriage, MU continues to supervise the credit and saving groups, where among members 81, 6% are women.

* Men and women trained on “Litheracy and Financial Program” were ceretified. The trained people are able to read, write and implement a micro project of development.


In Rumonge Cathedral as in all parishes of the Diocese, Mothering Sunday was celebrated on the 26th March 2017 on the theme: “This is why it said: “wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you”.(Ephesians 5; 8-14)

In his speach, the Bishop encouraged the anglican women in their great role in the families, church and country of Burundi.


From the 6th to the 16th February 2017, the Bishop of the Diocese of Rumonge traveled to Ghana. The visit’s objective was to respond to the meeting of “St. John’s peer mentoring business planning, Property Development and Management workshop”.


Trainings on different sectors of community’s life had been done by the Diocese:

*Family planning

*Entrepreneurial skills

*Life skills

*Fighting against HIV/AIDS

*Fighting sexual and gender based violence

*Peace building, etc.


* Led by Youth and Education Coordinator, supported by the Bishop and other church leaders; since the 16th to the 18th Augustin 2016, the students in holidays collected seventeen trucks of stones from Buzimba River in Gateteparish.The stones were used for the pavement of the Temple of the Cathedral.

*For evaluating and emulating the work of Church Schools under Diocese contol, a test has been selected and done from the 10th up to 12th April 2017.


On the 9th April 2017, the Palm Sunday was joyful celebrated in the Cathedral as well as in all Parishes of the Diocese. The Sunday School children and all congregations praised Jesus Christ with palm branches like the people of Jerusalem when they saw Him entering Jerusalem on a donkey.


The Lent period began since the first March in the whole Diocese. Based on the theme: “Following Jesus in the way of the cross”. (Mark 8;34-38). Retreats, conferences, teachings and grace actions are organized in each parish of the Diocese.


It was celebrated on the 16th March 2017.The Anglican Church contributed greatly in the success of the day. In their speeches, the Archbishop of the Anglicane Province of Burundi and Bishop of the Diocese of Rumonge insisted on: “Fighting against sexual gender based violence is a way of peace maintenance”. The local leaders were gladed to see how the Anglican Church is promoting women in the community.


During the Holy Week, Thursday is the day on which Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, a sign of humbling Himself. He instituted the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist during the last supper.

In the celebration of the day in the Cathedral, the Bishop of the Diocese washed the feet of clergy, who help him, in return to wash the feet of the congregation.

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