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Sector of Justice and Peace

The Diocese of Rumonge, preaches justice and peace through seminars based on the Word of God. This is to strengthen peaceful coexistence between its followers and their surrounding environments.

Everything that concerns the community of human beings – situations and issues related to justice, freedom, development, the relations between peoples, peace – is not strange to evangelism. That is why this aspect falls within the concerns of the Diocese of Rumonge.

Vision and Mission
The Vision of the Diocese of Rumonge, through its sector of Justice and Peace, is that of “a society where peace, social justice, respect for human rights and democratic principles prevail”.

To contribute to this vision, the Mission given to the sector of Justice and peace is to “promote a pastoral care of the values of justice, peace, unity, reconciliation and defense of the inalienable rights of the human person, in the light of the Gospel.”

The overall objective to which the sector of justice and peace has to contribute is: “the Burundian people enjoy their freedom and national unity is guaranteed.” The contribution to this general objective will be realized through the specific objective that is: “respect for human dignity and social relations among the population are enhanced.”

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