The Distribution of learning instruments by Mothers’ Union


For the purpose of developing a community starting from both family and clans level, Mothers’ Union in Rumonge Diocese in cooperation with Mothers’ Union in the Province of Anglican Church of Burundi has committed to distribute tools and instruments to local trainers (abaremeshakiyago). The local trainers continue to follow-up the activities of teaching adults on reading and writing skills as well as how to preserve environment for healthy survival in the community. Such activity had been conducted in the 7th November 2023 and it was during the period of 16 international days vested for fighting against violence of women rights.

A number of local trainers (Community Facilitators) who were provided with such instruments is 15 including 14 women and 1 male. They were provided with several sorts of tools and instruments involving bicycles, telephones, women’s piece of clothes (loincloth) and Holy Bibles.

The aforesaid activity was honourably implemented in the presence of the Bishop of Rumonge Diocese, his First Lady who is the President of Rumonge Diocese Mothers’ Union and several invitees joined together to witness how God have heard prayer of His people.

The recipients of granted tools and instrument were very thankful to the Diocese that had used Mothers’ Union department in ensuring the delivery of the same. They expressed thanksgiving for the Diocese has remembered their needs and promised to resume their work wholeheartedly in teaching citizens until they achieve lasting development.

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