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Health, Fight Against AIDS and Poverty

Fight Against AIDS and Poverty is a global problem whose magnitude is increasing from day to day. The Diocese of Rumonge remains convinced that hard work, collaboration and independence of every Christian in its activities is a force of self development. In several exchanges during the meetings and via the Development Department, the Diocese of Rumonge found that promote participatory development to combat poverty is to prioritize. There are deep links between evangelization and human promotion. Human being to evangelize is not an abstract being, it is subject to social and economic issues. It is he/she then who should give the form that has its future because the future is not what will happen or the manna that falls from the sky, but what each will do, by him/herself and for him/herself. And God blesses the works of our hands Vision and Mission The Vision of the Diocese of Rumonge in the fight against poverty is that of “the advent of a society, economically viable and where basic needs are provided for all the world.”

The Mission assigned to this sector is “to promote, through reflection and action, the socio – economic development of the human person according to the social doctrine of the Church.”

Objectives The overall objective to which the sector will make a contribution is “poverty reduction and human promotion of the poor are guaranteed in a sustainable manner

More specifically, this goal will be realized through the specific objective assigned to the sector, namely: “the economic growth of the poor and the solidarity of the population are improved.”


The current Director: Ir. Damien NDAYIHAYA

Contact P.O.Box 14 Rumonge-Burundi

E-mail: ndayidam@yahoo.fr

Mob. 257 79 979032 or 257 77 979032

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