The Film Producers’ Visit in the Diocese of Rumonge from 16th-21st January 2023

The Diocese is delighted to welcome professional technicians from many countries. The visitors came from the United Kingdom, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia in a single teamwork skilled in creation and production of films. They cooperate with the TearFund Burundi in operating their mission. The TearFund organization is committed to identify and deal with community services especially to help vulnerable people and victims of unsuitable circumstances. The partnership between Rumonge Diocese and TearFund Burundi marks the commitent of the Diocese to reach and meet the population needs.

The visitors have succeeded to reach Gisagazuba, Ndava and Bitare parishes in Rumonge commune to observe both manner and extent to which the community managed to develop themelves. Through the Church and Community Mobilization Process (CCMP) Approach, the Diocese has facilitated not only the construction of physical infrastructures such as roads and bridges but also it has established social infrastructures including Hospital, Medical Clinics, Health Centers, schools and modern Church buildings.

The CCMP Approach is operated through a slogan Iterambere Ryuzuye Umugambi w’Imana kuri Twese which means ʺDevelopment Enriched with God’s Plan for Usʺ.

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